Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 9 - #Trust30 writing challenge

The other terror that scares us from self-trust is our consistency; a reverence for our past act or word, because the eyes of others have no other data for computing our orbit than our past acts, and we are loath to disappoint them. - Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Afraid to Do by Mary Jaksc

Emerson says: “Always do what you are afraid to do.” What is ‘too scary’ to write about? Try doing it now.

I don't know if I can think of anything 'too scary' to write about.  I have already written about my scariest moment, so that doesn't need to be rehashed.  I suppose there is one other thing that scares me to write about.  That thing is the monster in my basement.  It lives in 3 rooms down there and its massive and its scary and sometimes it comes upstairs in our main living area.

I've tried for years and years to get rid of it, but it has too much control over me.  It taunts me.  There are times when I go down there ready to kick some monster butt and I throw open the door.... and I freeze.  The monster stares me down and I am completely defenseless.  I instantly lose any confidence that I may have had that this time I was going to win.

I go back upstairs with my head held low and forget about the monster.  I bury its presence deep inside and go about my happy life.  Until a writing prompt like this comes along and reminds me that there is this one thing that is 'too scary' to write about.  Stupid writing prompt!

So here I sit.  Thinking about this monster and how it holds me captive in my own home.  I look around my room and I see that my monster has snuck into my room and is bearing down on me. Its got me surrounded and feeling a bit suffocated.  Stupid monster!

Just my thoughts.

This has been day #9 of the #Trust30 writing challenge. #Trust30 is an online initiative and 30-day writing challenge that encourages you to look within and trust yourself. Use this as an opportunity to reflect on your now, and to create direction for your future. 30 prompts from inspiring thought-leaders will guide you on your writing journey. You can see the details here.

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