Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Virtual" life + "Real" life = "My" life

I am going to wrap this up today because I think I have come to a final conclusion. I had some help from some fabulous comments here on this blog.  I would like to share them with you for two reasons.  First one is because their words just spoke to me and made my spirit say "Yes, that is exactly how it feels." Second is because of the fact that I am struggling with finding the right words to finish this post.  

Here is what these beautiful souls had to say.

Joy from Ethereal Joy said this.

"I was wondering if my time on the computer is to build something, or to ignore something. Perhaps at times it's a little of both. I find inspiration, encouragement, wisdom, humor online...but I also find that in my "real life". Online is almost a relief though because I can pick and choose what I'd like to research, what conversations I'd like to join, learn at my leisure..while "real life" only gives me the opportunity to jump right in."

And this.

"I think if "guilt" is involved with anything, you are probably letting someone's opinion (perceived or stated) guide your decision."

Mermaid from Mermaid said this.

"There are times when the real world just seems too overwhelming, and someone or something on the internet offers peace and calm. We all hide once in a while, and cannot face everything everyday every moment."

and this

"If someone on the internet offers wise and loving support, take it. Especially if it helps you to face your real life with more courage and ease."

Megan from It's All About Joy said this.

"Sometimes I think about this, too, and at times, my "real" life wins, and other times my "virtual" life wins. And just now it struck me, "Who's to say that my real and virtual life aren't one in the same?"

Jan from Awake Is Good said this.

"Why separate them? Both are real. My blog time and visits and posts are the real me. I cherish this time and the contacts. but I must be mindful of how I spend my time, no matter what I am doing. What best honors me and my life, my family, my needs? Yes, much to ponder...."

Here's my final conclusion.  This "virtual" life and this "real" life are both a part of "My" life.  There is no way for me to equally balance my time spent in both because they are one in the same.  

I believe that, at this time in my life, I am not drawn to the computer because I am trying to hide from my life.  I am drawn to my computer because I am trying to live my life.  I have made online friendships with people that I may never meet "in real life", but they are very much part of my life. 

I have been discovering my self through this virtual world as well as through this real world.  My life is a rich mixture of both right now. 

I freely admit that I have things on my to-do list that don't get done, but I am not going to say that it is the computer that keeps me from doing them.  I also freely admit that when I am in the middle of an exchange online or I'm writing a blog post, I may or may not jump up when one of the Littles beckons.  Just as I don't get off the phone immediately when they beckon. 

I do, however, know that if I start using this "virtual" world as an escape I will recognize it immediately.  Because whenever I start running away from something my spirit gently nudges me.  I am connected to my spirit in a way that prohibits me from doing anything that may "dim my shiny".  For that I am grateful.

I hope that this makes sense, and if it doesn't I would be more than happy to discuss it further, but right now Little #5 is hungry.  Gotta to live "my" life.

Just my thoughts.  


Daphne said...

I think the balance you have stated is a wonderful way to answer the questions you have been asking. Good for you for looking at something clearly, considering the possibilities, and then moving forward in your own way. Kudos! I love seeing your process and your honesty.

inkywasfat said...

This makes sense to me too. And I love that you incorporated others' thoughts about the subject.

Zeenat{Positive Provocations} said...

Wow...those comments really make me think...
I have often had the issue of trying to balance the virtual and real life...but I have noticed..the more i try ..the more i fail. So i just stopped trying..and doing it priority wise..and it has just fallen into place. No guilt nothing.....
Try it...every situation or act priority wise.. :)
Much love.

Caroline said...

That is a wonderful mantra! I just try to say: I am calm. I am peace. I allow all the goodness of the universe to guide me. I find that when I say that...I am comforted.

Robin Bradley Hansel PT, CPI said...


Robin Bradley Hansel PT, CPI said...

Hi again! I thought I was posting to your mantra entry before. That one and this are both "beautiful". I just wanted to also thank you for our "one-word" exchanges on Twitter and let you know how much I enjoy your encouragement there and how happy I am to enjoy your beautiful writing here....I started a new circle on The Motherhood a few minutes ago called "Word of the Day". YOU are the mom who inspired me today....SHINE ON!!! Peace for your Path, Robin

septembermom said...

That's a great mantra. If I had to think of one for me, I think it would be: step back, breathe, think, accept, love

I am Allison said...

I, too, am a fan of the mantra. Very nice.