Friday, July 10, 2009

Tribute to Zach

I just received a phone call about my 17 year olds GED test results. He passed with flying colors. I am so excited for him. I am filled with pride. Zach has struggled his entire time in secondary school. He is such a bright boy and the confines of traditional schooling were taking him down. He so just wants to get on with life and not mess around with what he feels is meaningless studies.

I have to admit that there were times when I would get frustrated with his inability to succeed. Even though I firmly believe that not all kids benefit from traditional schools. Which is why I homeschooled my younger kids for quite a few years. I wanted Zach to commit to getting some type of education. I even tried to get him to see the benefits of homeschooling, but he wasn't falling for it. So he stayed in an environment that was sucking his spirit dry. I just needed to be patient and wait for him to say "ENOUGH!!!"

That day did come and he decided to pursue his GED. I was in love with this idea. I have always believed that a GED was just as good as having a diploma. Now here he is a high school graduate at 17. One year before his classmates.

The world is now at your fingertips, Zach. You can do whatever your heart desires. I am so proud and excited for you. Take your time and do what makes your heart sing.

Just my thoughts.


Caroline said...

Wonderful! Some of us move at different speeds and need to follow a different path. He seems ahead of the game ;)

mamaof6 said...

Yes, he is an amazing young man. His zest for life sometimes trips him up, but I am confident that he will go where he needs to go.

inkywasfat said...

For different reasons, I have talked with my middle son Taylor about getting his GED so he could get on to college. He doesn't seem interested right now. But GEDs are a fantastic option. Congrats to Zach!

Nina P. said...

Dance for Joy and Light a candle.
This young man the world can handle
Filled with Love and determination
He made it to his graduation
You’ve taught him well to live life full
The road will open wherever he’s pulled

Happy Graduation to your son and may he find his path to lead him on his journey.
Love and Light, Nina P.

mamaof6 said...

Thank you, Nina. That was beautiful.

septembermom said...

Congratulations to your young man! That is wonderful:) You both must feel like you're on top of the world. He should be very proud of his accomplishment.

Life Potentials Network said...

This is so inspirational! It's hard to be a square peg with only round holes around. Bless you for holding that space for Zach as he sorted things out for himself! And CONGRATULATIONS to you all!

mermaid said...

You've taught me an important lesson about expectations and acceptance today.

Zach, may you continue to follow the path that is right for you.