Wednesday, July 15, 2009

One of the littles celebrates a birthday

Little #4 (a.k.a. Aaron) turns 10 today. I love birthdays. Especially birthdays of my children. This little guy has been so excited for weeks. I think of all my kids, he is the one who loves the attention the most.

Aaron was the most active baby I had in the womb. He flipped and flopped for months. If a woman could feel bruised on the inside that is how I felt most of the time. He was a breech baby, who flipped up until the very last minute. As I was on the table getting prepared for a c-section he flipped one last time. No c-section for me.

He has never lost that energy. He is never sitting still and he has a hard time keeping his hands to himself. He is so full of love and affection that it gets him in trouble at times.

I have learned so much from this bundle of energy and love. I have learned to hug. I have learned that when he is 'in my space', it is because he craves and requires more physical touch than the rest. This has helped me to see that there are times when I too am in need of some touch. And more times than not, I am searching out Aaron for one of his fabulous hugs.

Here is a small list of what I love most about Aaron. His laugh, his smile, his hugs, his sensitivity, his love of nature, his amazing mathematical mind, his energy, his sleep walking, his ability to empathize, his beautiful blue eyes..... This list could go on and on.

I am proud to be his mother. I am so happy that he is who he is. Yes, I get frustrated with some of the same things that I love about him, but he has taught me so many valuable lessons on acceptance and unconditional love.

I have to be gone for most of his birthday. He was not very happy with that. We talked it over and we came up with a birthday plan that he can live with. Of course, it requires me to stay up all night if that is how long he lasts, but he is worth it. Everyone should have a special birthday. I don't care if it is your 3rd, 10th, 24th, whatever. Each new year is a celebration of the beautiful, spiritual beings that we all are. I try to make each birthday special for my family, and recently I have decided to do the same for myself.

This is one of Aaron's birthday presents. He has been asking me for over a year to get a mohawk. I have been reluctant for really dumb reasons. When he asked me this time I heard a voice say "let him shine." I then heard myself say "ok." The smile on his face was so worth it. He acts more confident now. He's getting attention from people who didn't used to notice him, and he loves it.

Happy birthday sweet Aaron. May today be a true celebration of who you are.

How are you going to celebrate your next birthday? Better start making plans.

Just my thoughts.


inkywasfat said...

What a wonderful post honoring your boy. When you talked about his smile when he knew he could get that mohawk . . . it made me cry.

My son Taylor was hyper affectionate when he was a little guy. He couldn't let a minute pass without saying he loved me when we were together. Sometimes it was overwhelming, but usually I just went with it and soaked it up. Now he's 17, so of course, he doesn't do that anymore, but he's still the 1 person in the house who seeks out hugs.

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwww, I love this!

I think you made a great decision there, mama!


mermaid said...

I love the energy that weaves in and out of this piece. Aaron's energy can be interpreted in many ways, and you share the truth of your whole experience with Aaron.

His mohawk is awesome.

Christine said...

Cool Mohawk!