Sunday, June 28, 2009

Shiny, happy & free

What do you see when you look at this photo? I see a young girl who is shining with joy. So joyful that her smile takes over because it can't help it. So free of pain and unhappiness. Innocent and sure that she is loved.

That little girl was me way back when. I have no memory of this photo being taken. I don't even remember where the location was. I don't remember being joyful as a child. I don't remember being free of pain and unhappiness. I don't remember feeling as if I were loved. Yet, here is this photo of me just bursting with happiness. Did someone say something incredibly funny right before the picture was taken? Was I really good at faking happiness back then like I could as an adult? It doesn't matter. The fact is that this photo is exactly what joy looks like. I can look at this photo and feel joyful energy, so I know that it was real.

For whatever reason I don't have many memories of my childhood. At least not good ones. Again, it just doesn't matter. My purpose is to be happy, joyous and free. Whatever happened in the past does not get to dictate how I feel today. My spirit is always going to shine, as long as I allow it to. Children are so good at letting their spirits shine. As they continue on their life path, events and people in their lives begin to get between them and their spirit. That is what happened to me. Even though my life was not perfect there I was beaming from ear to ear with happiness and joy. This is the proof I needed to see that children can go from sadness to joy just as quickly as adults. I needed to see that there were times in my childhood that I was letting my Light shine.

I feel that joy now. I feel that my spirit is soaring and that it can carry me as far as I will let it. I love feeling the energy that my spirit releases. I love smiling and laughing. As a matter of fact, I laugh at myself way more than anyone else does. I love doing that. When a person is shiny, happy & free they are beautiful. Inside and out.

The next time you see a child beaming from ear to ear, tell them they look so beautiful when they are happy. Help them to see that joy feels good. That being beautiful is not about what you look like on the outside, but rather how you feel on the inside. Now, start telling other adults the same thing. Especially yourself.

Just my thoughts.


septembermom said...

What a beautiful, beautiful post! You do seem the joy radiating from you in that photo. Your advice should be taken by everyone. You're so right that children emanate all happiness and joy in their play and good nature. We all need to pursue that liberty of feeling "shiny, happy and free".

Lance said...

Hi Jill,
"That being beautiful is not about what you look like on the outside, but rather how you feel on the inside." -- I love this line! How we feel inside is really what matters. This is my first visit here, and I'm both saddened to hear about your childhood, but also uplifted by where you are today. And I think that speaks to the resiliency of us as a human species. We can bounce back. We can persevere. And we can make our lives into what we want them to be. And if that inlcludes joy and happiness, all the better.

So, here's to letting others (kids and adults alike) know when we really see their beauty shining through!

Thanks so much for sharing this.

Caroline said...

Wow... Isn't it odd to find something like that? I do remember my childhood...a mix of good and bad. But like you, I don't let bad past experience dictate my present. I live in a joyful place and plan on keeping it this way.

Jan said...

This post truly touched my heart. What a beautiful picture and I am so glad that you found it! It does speak volumes to how resilient we can be. That deep beneath any pain we might experience in life, Joy is still there--just waiting for our return. Joy is our essence. Your essence. Yes, I am just thrilled you walked through this process to uncover unmitigated Joy. Blessings to you!

mermaid said...

Despite all my painful memories from childhood, I do remember joyous ones. It sounds like yours was tough, but you still manage to reflect on joy as an adult. Yeah! Children do have a knack for sunny spirits, despite the clouds around them. My 3.5 year old daughter is living proof of this. Thanks for the reminder and for stopping by to visit me.