Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What I'm grateful for today

I'm feeling a whole bunch of gratitude today. So all this post is going to be is me being grateful. As a matter of fact, I'm going to just make a list. If you don't care to know what I am grateful for, I have one request. Don't just leave, but take a look at the blogs in my list of 'Other people's thoughts I like to read'. The list is getting pretty extensive, but these are all people that I am grateful for. These are all people who are putting themselves out there into the blogosphere and I have benefited in some way from each and everyone of them. So please take a look at one or two and if you leave a comment, tell them I sent you because they all need to know how important their blogs are.

Back to my list. In no particular order, here's where my gratitude sits today.

Mr. Man
All the Littles and the Not-So-Littles
My 2 brothers and 2 sisters
Mother Earth
my spirituality
all of the Sacred Texts and the guidance they have provided for so many
Divine Guidance
learning how to let go
My in-laws (sorry Mr. Man, but this isn't always the case)
My home
That Mr. Man's business has not been affected by this economy
My awesome set of outrageously expensive knives (everyone needs to have a set of outrageously expensive knives, right?)
My kitty, Angel
My comfy chair that I am curled up on right now
the shining sun
the colorful fall leaves that always seem to be singing to me in the wind
cool Fall nights
the rain (just not everyday)
Vitamin D
music of all types
dancing of all types
beautiful photography
beautiful poetry
my blog
all the blogs I follow
the internet
running water
My fabulous friends
clothes on my back
food on my table
toys for the Littles to play with (when I'm not tripping over them)
the love that is ever present in my home
that all the Littles feel safe and loved
that I am not letting resentment and fear separate me from Not-so-little #1
that I am learning what my boundaries are and honoring them
that I am happy being overweight, but willing to make some healthy changes
my beautiful, shiny spirit
your beautiful, shiny spirits
for finding my voice and letting it be heard
for being a Shiny Wanderer on this journey to being a free-spirited woman
that the Twins are playing the Yankees in the playoffs. Go Twins!!!
Wii's and Playstations
that Little #6 is independent and strong-willed
all the art work that Little #5 makes for me and her incredible sunshiny smiles
that Little #4 is so caring and doesn't give up easily
that Little #3 just doesn't care what others think
that Not-so-little #2 is turning into a responsible young man
that Not-so-little #1 is not in jail (sorry, that is what I am truly grateful for)
my quiet time in the morning

So there's the short list. I could have kept going. There was a time when I had a hard time coming up with 3 daily gratitudes. I didn't know how to be grateful. I'm pretty sure that I didn't act grateful either and if I did it was not authentic.

Today my gratitude seems to be carrying me through some frustrations. I'm letting my Spirit remind me that I have so much to be grateful for and that it's time to stop feeling cheated. Now that I have allowed gratitude into my soul I am sure of these three things.

All that was, is over.
All that can be, will.
All that is, is good.

Do you have a gratitude list? What would be at the top?

Just my thoughts.


Jay Schryer said...

This is beautiful, Jill! Like you, there are a lit of people in your sidebar that I am truly grateful for...just as I am grateful for you, too!

Sandi Delia said...

LOVE THIS!!! At the top of my list is being able to hear my inner voice again. Quickly and closely followed by having others (you!) walking the path with me.

Lisis said...

This is a wonderful list... it makes me feel thankful just reading it!

One of the things I've become grateful for lately (though I'm only beginning to understand it) is synchronicity. So many times certain things happen at precisely the right moment to make me feel like it can't possibly be accidental... like you and I both writing about gratitude.

I'm thankful because it makes me feel like we are all connected. :)

shiny mamaof6 said...

I forgot to add that I am grateful for all the comments I get on my blog. How could I forget that one?

Jay - I love reading your work and look forward to seeing that you have posted something. (hint, hint)

Sandi - I bet your inner voice is a beautifully comforting sound, just as you are a beautifully comforting soul.

Lisis - I'm grateful to be connected with you also. I have enjoyed following your happy and not-so happy trails. I love the reality.

Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord said...

What an awesome list, and I'm so grateful to be on your list of blogs. Thank you!

I'm grateful for good blogs, too, and writers like you who inspire me constantly. I love that when I'm doing things at times, various examples of how to live a better life pop into my head courtesy of you, Jay Schryer, Nadia, Lance, Tess, SuZen, Joy, Lisis, Jodi, and the whole lot of incredible bloggers out there.

Life is GOOD!

suZen said...

Oh I LOVE gratitude lists! I try to make one in my head at night - makes for sweet dreams! And in the morning I am ever so grateful just to BE HERE! (At my age, this is a good thing!) As a journal junkie I love to write them often there too. I don't think it's possible to be TOO grateful! Thanks for sharing your list - it is inspiring! Nice habit to develop isn't it?

Stark Raving Zen said...

I'm grateful for YOU! :)

shiny mamaof6 said...

Megan - Life IS good when there is such a great community of bloggers to be connected to. So grateful.

Suzen - I like the idea of ending the day in gratitude. That seems to be the time of day when I need it the most.

SRZ - I'm SUPER grateful for you!!!!

mermaid said...

The Sacred Feminine is pretty far up there, along with my family:) Beautiful and full list!

glider said...

thank you.

shiny mamaof6 said...

Mermaid - Yes!!! Hurray for the Sacred Feminine.

Glider - Thank you for being you honey.

Lori said...

I am grateful for you, too!

I'm also happy you're grateful for your blog - glad to see you blogging!

I am grateful for your support, I'm grateful you visit my blog. I'm grateful to be in the wonderful company of your readers.

I'm grateful for life. And, on a lighter note, I'm grateful it rained today - we really needed it! :) Have a great day, Jill!

Daphne said...

I'm grateful that your post is still here several days after writing so I can come back and visit and read and internalize as I make time for myself. Thank you for including my blog in your blogroll and for always sharing what is honest and true for you.

shiny mamaof6 said...

Lori - Spreading gratitude is so enriching. I'm glad you are willing to share yours.

Daphne - Thank you for coming to my blog when you have time and for being interested in my truth.

Anonymous said...

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