Monday, November 17, 2014

An Unsolicited Tip

Perhaps there are clouds in your life.  Situations that are wearing you down or quite possibly beating the shit out of you.  You may or may not have any control over the situation.  You may or may not have the strength to fight.  You know in your head that there is nothing that you can do, even though the reality might be different.  People will offer you all kinds of encouraging advice to help you get through it.  Advice that, mostly, comes from a place of love.  However, it may also come from a place of control or a place of annoyance.  And what they want you to do, no matter where it comes from, is HARD.

Don't do anything they have offered.  Just don't.

The simplest of suggestions is monumentally hard when that shit storm is swirling around you. Don't make it worse by taking on the guilt of not being able to feel better.

Simply tell them "thank you" and then don't do any of it.  Remember what they gave you, but don't try any of it until you can.

You'll know when that is possible.

So what can you do?  When all seems lost and you just don't want to try anymore?  Or when there is nothing you can do about any of it anyway?

What can you do?

Simply this.  Close your eyes.  Place your hand upon your heart.  Feel it.  Feel every beat.

That's you.  You're a living, breathing person.  You are a miracle.  

Now think of another living being human (or animal) that is probably happy that YOU have a heartbeat.  Maybe they need you or maybe they are just happy that you are simply living on this earth.

If you can't think of any other living creature, then think of me.  I will be that person for you today.

Let the realization, that there is at least one other being in your world that is happy that you are alive, sit within your heart.  Carry that with you through the day.  Let it be the thing that just gets you through this moment in time.

You are going to have many days where you can face the storm and keep on keepin' on.  You are going to have many days when you can't.  Turn to your heart on those days.  Let your heartbeat show you the miracle that you are.

Our days are all numbered.  We all have the same number of hours in a day to either get it right or suck at it.  And as long as that heartbeat is present, we are going to get it right and we are going to suck.

But one thing remains constant.

We are all alive.  

We all wake up in the morning with the life we have.  So either live it or let the heartbeat lead you along.  Either way you are still alive.

You are still a miracle.

Someone is happy about that.

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