Saturday, January 1, 2011


I didn't know till this morning what my word for 2011 was to be.  I pondered the last few days, but nothing ever really spoke to me.  This morning while I spent some time self-healing with Reiki the word 'open' kept coming into my mind.  It resonated with me and I knew that that was the word.  I knew exactly what it meant.  It meant living more open-hearted, being more open-minded, and having my eyes wide open to all the beauty that surrounds me each day. 

I want to be more open.  When I'm living openly, I am able to truly see and feel the Love and Beauty that is there.  I am able to express myself and not feel like I am wrong or fake.  Its not always easy for me to open up my mind and my heart.  I often close my mind to new possibilities.  I can push others away that are not like-minded.  I can be guarded and extremely particular with when and who I share my heart with. 

Sadly, the people in my life who don't always get my open-heart are my family.  My Littles, my Mr. Man and my siblings.  I manage to keep them at a distance.  This 2011, as I bring 'open' into my life, I have hope that I will open my heart up more to those closest to me.  I have hope that I will be able to take in the Love that is given to me and give it back in return. 

Yes, 'Open' is definitely the word for me.  With an open mind I will try more things, be more fearless, permit myself to move forward in my business and allow my creative side to finally have a say.  With an open mind I can put the negative side of being judgemental to rest.  I can allow others to be who they are and not disregard them simply because they don't believe what I believe.

Yep, its going to be a good year.  I have so much to be grateful for.  2010 was an amazing year of healing and abundance for me.  I know that 2011 will be filled with the same things.  There will be ups and downs.  There will be tears of joy and tears of sorrow.  With 'Open' lighting my path I will know that, through all things, I will be fine.  I can allow change and growth and healing to happen.

As I bring 'Open' into my everyday I will be able to really feel the gratitude.  I will be able to grow and bloom and shine.  Which reminds me of the mantra that a dear friend gave me almost a year ago. 

I open.  I focus.  I desire.  I flower.

Did you pick a word?  Please share it.  Let it out so that your word can work its magic.  Happiest New Year.  May your 2011 be filled with Love and Joy.

Just my thoughts.


LauraX said...

may you open to the beautiful blossom that you are Jill, shining your light and your love out into the world and allowing it to return and fill you as well.

KodasTotems said...

Great word, Open. It's much harder to be open with the people who mean the most to you because there's more risk; more to lose. I understand completely. xoxo

Oh. And you know that my word for 2011 is Fearless. Very much related to Open.

KodasTotems said...
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