Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shining Life Healing

My stomach if full of butterflies today. I have decided to take a step toward making a dream come true. My dream of reaching out to others and offering my services of Reiki, to be exact. I was going to launch this when my website was completed, but I just felt like I needed to do something while the website is being developed. So Shining Life Healing has entered the world today by way of Facebook. Yup, I just started a simple Facebook page. Its a small step, and I feel like I don't know what the heck I'm doing, but it also feels incredibly empowering. I'm excited and nervous all wound up together. Hence the butterflies.

It’s pretty bare bones right now, but its movement forward. I need to keep moving forward. I get stuck pretty easily. I could blame my stuckness on other people or circumstances, but the truth is, that I get stuck because of Fear. My beautiful friend (who is helping me develop my website) had a beautiful baby a month earlier than she had anticipated. Fear jumped in and said, “Sweet! Now we can just sit back and wait till she’s ready. We don’t need to do anything until then.” Fortunately my Spirit is bigger and stronger than Fear. My Spirit kicked Fear’s ass. Right. out. the. door! My Spirit gently led me to today. She gave me the courage to just take a step. Getting unstuck never felt so good.

I can't wait for the reveal of my website, its going to be wonderful. I might have put the horse before the cart, but I'm just really ready to share the gift of healing. I have been on an incredible healing journey and all I really want is to make sure others have the same opportunities that I have had.

I'm still working out the details. I'm still healing from a bulging lumbar disk and can't get around at the level that I need to to do a full hands-on Reiki treatment. I can do distance Reiki, I can continue to get a logo developed, I can continue my Reiki III training and I can put the word out that healing can happen for anyone.

Fear has left the building, but its hanging out on the other side of the door. So I will stick close to my Spirit. The Spirit is a warm, comforting presence on this cold, blistery day in Minnesota. I'm excited to see where Shining Life Healing goes.

Just my thoughts.

You can find the Shining Life Healing Facebook page here.

If you have any questions or are at all interested in a Reiki healing email me at shinyjill (at) gmail (dot) com. I would love to answer any questions you have. Keep it shiny!

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Stacey @ Entropified said...

Exciting news, and love to hear you're just gonna face those fears. Inspiring.