Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sometimes you just have to reach out

So I'm attempting to cut caffeine out of my diet right now.  I started feeling generally icky everytime I drank anything caffeinated, which has always been my cue to cut back.  When the heart is palpitating daily and the chest pains start I tend to listen.  So as I always do, I quit cold-turkey.  And as always, on day 2, the crabbiness sets in.  Unfortunately day 2 fell on the day that I was to be hosting a baby shower for my daughter-in-law.  Needless to say I suggested that Mr. Man bring home a large coffee so that I could make it through the event.  All was well with the world as soon as I took the first sip.  That was last Saturday.  Today is day 3 and all is still well. 

Yesterday I woke with the most horrific withdrawal headache ever.  It was so bad that my vision was being affected.  While I was driving the Littles who school to school, the white lines on the road actually looked like they were floating above the road.  Very trippy.  I made it home safely and immediately proceeded to do Reiki.  It wasn't working.  I ate some cucumbers and did more Reiki.  Still nothing.  I could feel the energy, I just wasn't getting any relief at all.  So I did something uncharacteristic of myself.  I reached out for help.

I jumped on Twitter and put the word out that I could use some extra energy if anyone wanted to share.  Lo and behold, I got some responses.  Some angels from the Twitterverse reached back and within 20 minutes my headache was completely gone.  I never felt better.  The headache was gone, the irritability was gone and the cravings were gone.  Very trippy.

So as I continue on my way to freedom from the clutches of caffeine, I will continue to reach out when things feel out of control for me.  Reaching out for help used to feel like a sign of weakness and now it just feels empowering.  It leaves me feeling like my heart is growing and glowing.  Healing isn't something I have to do by myself.  Healing can only happen if I listen to my Spirit and hear when she says, "You need help." 

Just my thoughts.

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Stacey @ Entropified said...

Sorry you were having horrible caffeine withdrawals. I'm trying to get out of the coffee habit too. Down to half a cup a day. Can she go further?

Thanks for the encouragement on seeking help when you need it.

shiny mamaof6 said...

Stacey - I say, yes!, you can go further if that is what you need. Keep up the good work.

Linda Myers said...

I can withdraw from coffee without the headache if I reduce my intake a little each day. I can drink a quarter of a cup in the morning and have that be all.

Then I drink decaf and pretend it's the real thing.

shiny mamaof6 said...

Linda - Thanks for the great suggestion. That sounds like a much less painful way to withdraw from caffeine. I have made it past the headaches. I'm also getting pretty good at pretending that decaf is the real thing. :)

mermaid said...

When I had my wisdom tooth surgery, I was terrified of being put to sleep and the jaw pain that followed was unlike any pain I have ever known (even worse than labor pains). I sent out an email to family friends, and I cried at all the love that was out there to hold me. It gave me courage to hold myself.

Here's to you being vulnerable and willing to ask for help, and knowing that it can give you the courage you seek to hold yourself tenderly.