Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Seeing the Light after the Dark

It always amazes me how serene and peaceful I feel after a bout of depression.  Well, that's not exactly true.  It didn't used to amaze me, because I never really used to see serenity and peace.  I just felt relief that the sadness had passed and waited for the day that it would return.  Today, however, I see the Light after the Dark.  I see it and I embrace it.  I am in a healing process right now.  My body, mind and spirit are all healing together and it can seem a bit overwhelming at times.

I began practicing Reiki because I was being drawn to some type of healing.  I thought it was because I wanted to play a role in the healing of others.  I am beginning to sense that Reiki found me, because I needed to play a role in the healing of myself. 

I find myself intrigued with all forms of energy healing.  I sometimes spend a bit too much time researching the many types of healing available.  I listen to my intuition and I let my spirit decide which ones I may look into further.  For now, Reiki, is my way to healing.  Even when I resist it because fear is telling me that I can't handle the healing that may have to take place. 

I know that there may very well be some more dark days ahead for me, but I hold on to the belief that on the other side of any pain there will be an abundance of Light & Love waiting for me.  Healing past pain is the only way that I can hold on to my "shiny".  If I want to stay shiny, I may have to face some of the Dark.

Just my thoughts. 


Christine said...

Hi Jill. I know exactly what you're talking about with that peaceful feeling after coming out of a depression. It felt like such a relief! I hope the energy healing helps. Remember that Light and Love is there for you even while you face the dark. :)

Claire - Gratitude Connection said...

Sending you lots of light & love.